Queensland Stamps to be sold

Its a pity but I cannot find several persons in Germany who loves to collect Queensland stamps like I did.

So I will change my major points of interest and sell them all.

I expect that most buyers will come from Australia. Because postage to Australia will be very expensive and – due to Corona -will need 40 days or more, only combined orders with a value of 500€ or more will be suitable.

I prefer to sell the items as bulks to some persons only and not to „cherry pickers“. But of cause, this will be mentioned by excepted lower prices and I am aware that there will be not a single person who is interested in all of this offering.

Please send me a list with items you like to have with an overall amount only. You don’t need to tell me your pricing approach per item.

Your offer should include postage (3,70€ for a big letter, packet up to 5kg 45,99€, up to 10kg 61,99€ and up to 20kg 100,99€).

If my offers contain folders please let me know, whether you need the folders. I can deliver in bags as well to save weight.

Please pay via PayPal to friends (!!!) and in Euro Currency.

If you have any questions or if you need a more detailed scan, please ask me.

I am trying to describe quality as good as I know, but I am just a private collector. Especially watermarks and colors are not so easy to identify without doubt.

Please use my private email-Adress manfred@klimmeck.de.


Offering is not finalized, so please wait.