Queensland Stamps offered

Lot: QC1

Folder with about 70 pages. A lot of spaces, a lot of bones but some gems too.

All pages are shown here

I have collected stamps and not financial investments in stamps. So the quality is according to my budget. My expectations regarding your offer will have this aspect in mind too.

I have created an own systematic. If you like you can get the Powerpoint and Excels too to adjust and reprint.

Lot: QC3

Collection of about 1300 stamps, sorted by Type, Die, Flaw, Position, lot of higher values, units and mint items

The shown images are just to get an idea. For the whole collection I needed about 5o scans

Scans of collection of Flaws etc.


Lot: QS1

two SPECIMEN, unused

high catalogue value

Lot: QC3

Collection of Commonwealth issues from 1903. Both types

Some with original gum

There is one stamp with a flaw „S“ in QUEENSLAND and some gum on the front side too (darker vertical stripe in middle and top left corner)