Queensland Railways and Revenues to be sold

According to the publications of Dave Elsmore the correct description depends on the correct identification of the watermark. I will do my very best, but I can fail.


Lot: QR1

3 values without Watermark, thick paper, 1d, 3d, 1s used

Lot: QR2

Watermark Crown over Q, 3x 1d, 3d, different types of Cancellations

Lot: QR3

2 „higher prices“,5s and 1/2 Penny

5s with Wmk Loc, 1/2d no Wmk could be detected

Lot: QR4

different values, some without Wmk , some with Q and some with Loc, different colors and cancellations

Lot: QR5

different values, all with WMK QR  (some inverted), 1d, 3d, 2x5d, 6d, 10d, 1s, 2s6d, 5s, 10s

Different station-names, „TOWNSVILLE“ in different letter sizes

Lot: QR6

different values, to my opinion from the 1966 issues,

1c, 2c, 5c, 6c, 7c, 10c, 20c (different colors and stripe), 25c

different stations: Brunswick St., Rome Street, Brisbane, Goondiwindi

Lot: QR7

Company Names instead of station names

from both periods (Penny and Cent)

the 3d at the right bottom has holes (these are the black spots)

Lot: QR8 (six cards)

Square Railways Mono Color, many stations of very small cities

values up to 10 Dollar,

some unused with full gum

Lot: QR9

10$ used with World Expo 88 Logo from 1987 (according to Dave Elsmore catalogue, a rare station has the value 5x)

3 unused with the changes design from 1989

Lot: QR10

Buffalo Fly Collection


Lot: QR11

8 large Duty-Stamps 1892, up to 1 Pound, different cancellations


Lot: QR12

Impressed Duty, King George,

please take into account the visible Watermark and the black spot (hole) on the 20s

Lot: QR13

Impressed Duty with Cross, 1930 and later, up to 100 Pounds

Lot: QR14

Square Railways, Dollar-Period


Lot: QR15

Collection of different Stamp Duties

The Shilling-Issues seem to be marked in NSW. The Extension of the „Q“ in the Watermark is to the other side