Lot: QP1

2 Postcards, 1d, 139:92mm, different colors, unused

Lot: QP2

2 Postcards, 1d, 149:100mm / 139:94mm, different colors, unused

Lot: QP3

Postcard 1d, 145:99mm, Brisbane, Intercolonial cancellation

Lot: QP4

2 Reply Cards, 1 complete but separated (during process of scanning), other only Reply-part, different colors

Lot: QP5

Postcard 1d, 124:87mm, Sydney to Townsville,1894

Front and Back contain different markings and signs

Lot: QP6

Postcard 1d, 124:79mm, Brisbane to Mackay, 1895

interesting commercial usage

Lot: QP7

Postcard 1d, 126:79mm, Spring Bluff to Bundaberg,1896

commercial usage

Lot: QP8

2 Postcards,1d (122:78mm) + 2d (119:75mm), unused,

Lot: QP9

2 Postcards,1,5d (130:88mm) , different colors, unused,

Lot: QP10

Reply Card, 1,5d (132:87mm), unused

Lot: QP11

Reply Card, 1,5d (132:87mm), used 1892

Lot: QP12

Postcard, 1,5d to America with Transit Canc and Missent Info, Philatelic Content

Lot: QP13

Reply Card 1,5d, used, Gympie, Sydney, Goulburn, 1895

Lot: QP14

Pictorial Post Card, 1d, 1898, Dentist visit was announced, interesting content

Lot: QP15

Pictorial Post Card, 1d, 1899, Port Douglas, commercial content

Lot: QP16

Pictorial Post Card, 1d, different design, 4 lines of text above picture1899, Port Douglas, commercial content

Lot: QP17

Set of different postcards, 1d, 2d, 3d, unused

Lot: QP18

Lettercard 2d with complete border perforation, unused

different color to Lot QP19

Lot: QP19

Lettercard 2d , used

different color to Lot QP18

Lot: QP20

Reply Card 1,5d, used, two parts

Lot: QP21

4 different wrappers, 2 complete, one with imprint, one to a German politician

(Franz Xaver Lernt 1849-1920 was member of the German parliament („Reichstag“)

Lot: QP22

Miss Henriette Schlesinger was a jewisch inhabitant of Frankfurt in Germany and deported to a KZ (concentration camp) and killed there 1942

This card from Thursday Island was sent 1898

Lot: QP23

Postcard from 1892 to a Boys Grammar School in Brisbane. The card was sent from Petrie Terrace but – according the content – the sender lives in Bongo Road Junction. This has only a bus station and is 5km away from Petrie Terrace.

The Boys Grammar School was established 1868 in Spring Hill, which is now a suburban of Brisbane like Petrie Terrace.

Lot: QP24

Letter from Townsville to Brechelshof (East Germany).

The receiver is „Ihre Hochwohlgeborenere Baroness von ???-Geyso“ in Brechelshof . This could be translated as „Your Highness, baroness ,,,
You can find a lot of information at Google and genealogy pages. This lady had married a „Baron von Richthofen“. Baron von Richthofen (public name was „The Red Baron“) was the most popular pilot during the World War I.