QLD Plate Flaw SG 291 MI 117A (No. 88 / 28)

These days I have got the newest catalogue for 211. auction of Karl Pfankuch & Co. Most of offered lots do not cover Australasia but this time a Queensland-plate flaw was offered (lot 2920) with a starting price at 20€. The current price in the German Michel catalogue is 3,20€ for a used issue. If you will get the result list of this auction I would be very much interested on the final price. qld-sg-291-plate-flaw-no-8828 Browsing my doubles I found this item with the same horizontal scratch on the upper right side. Like in the auction catalogue it started at the 2nd. „E“ of „QUEENSLAND“ and goes through the top of the upper right „3“ This is once more a hint to take better care on items which seem to be duplicates. Ken Scudder (Queensland Postage Stamps 1879 to 1912) wrote „Seen in late 1899 printing, and may have been present from the beginning.“ So this should have been SG 241. But the watermark is clearly the round crown over A. That is the indication to be SG 291 or 292. I will ask the author and add receiving information to this post.