Lot: LM1

„The story of Australias postal services – now two hundred years old – is the story of Australia itself.“

Condition: nearly unread


Lot: LM2

Paperback Edition 2003

Condition: simply new

Great content and lot of color paintings.

Lot: LM3

Robson Lowe Volume 41

New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania

More details and information than in Stanley Gibbons

Condition: Book was basic of intensive research and contains a lot of written notices 

Lot: LM4

Robson Lowe Volume 42

Victoria, Western Australia, The Commonwealth of Australia, British New Guinea and Papua

Condition: very good

Lot: LM5

Robson Lowe Volume 43

New Zealand, Samoa, British Solomon Islands, Fiji, Cook Islands and more

Condition: very good

Lot: LM6

2nd Edition 1967

lot of historical photos and maps

Condition: very good

Lot: LM7

All Offices from A to Z in alphabetic order. Each with Rating, Range of Usage, Diameter, Time Markings and additional comments

Condition: good

Lot: LM8

A lot of old photos, tables, pictures of cancellations, postal stationary, maps etc. etc.

all Offices from A to Z in alphabetic order. Each with Rating, type of markings and a lot of illustrations.

Copy No 171 of the limited edition of 300 copies

Condition: nearly new

Lot: LM9

Edition from 1950

Description of Post Offices, Markings, Rates for all kind of deliveries and regions, Lot of scans on 68 pages.

Lot: LM10

All destinations are listed, dated and rated. Alphabetic list of all agents included.

The second part In a DIN A5 format contains revisions and new items.

Condition: very good

Lot: LM11

Edition 1983

Sorted by numbers you can find the associated town in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria

There is an additional alphabetic index included to find all by name

condition: very good

Lot: LM12

This is my absolute favourite of all items, because I like to collect stamps but not values. So I have spent much more money for literature and equipment than for stamps.

This is a big volume (420 pages in DIN A4), bound in full leather (kangaroo). In this special kind, only 50 issues were sold and this is item no. 30.

For people who don’t know the content, I have just copies one page. Most numbers were listed with illustration, size, type, date range, rarity and more information. So a marking can be identified even only a small part ist visible.

Additionally you find an historical overview, lot of ancient maps and much more.

It is very heavy. So take into account that postage costs will be very high.