This collection follows a systematic created by me. This helps to identify and sort in excels due to the variations over the years. In Germany we are using the MICHEL-Catalogue with a reduced number items. So I tried to associated the numbers of two catalogues. In my case Stanley Gibbons with Michel.

First criteria is the design, which is the most clear one.

i.e. CN for Chalon Head normal Format, DTL for Dark medallion texture band light throat or WT4 for White medallion texture band 4 figures etc.

Next is Watermark

i.e, WW for Without Watermark, TS for Truncated Star, LCQ for Large Crown over Q etc.

Within the criteria watermark they are sorted by value, perforation, paper and color

To me, color is the most complicated criteria (I am color blind); so this is the last one.

I have tried to ad Date of Issue and number printed.

Last row content a pricing-group and two numbers of two different commercial catalogues.

If you need a detailed scan for certain issues, please ask.